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Crystal Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation & Stress Relief     Painting by artist Annie Weston please contact for details

Reiki comes from Japan and is a natural form of energy healing. It is the channelled flow of healing energy from the therapist to the client. This may be carried out with the client sitting or laying down. Reiki may be felt as a fast, warm flow of energy. It helps remove blockages in the auric* field which led to the imbalance in the body and can give a sense of well being and renewed energy. 

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner. Clients receiving this therapy have responded positively. The energy experienced during treatment is warm and relaxing. Clients respond very well to Reiki treatment. It is a good treatment for all sorts of pain.

Do you suffer from



Other joint pain




Other serious illness

Reiki could benefit you.

Please contact me for an appointment, directions to my practice and prices.