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Crystal Workshop. 

Come along and learn to cleanse, programme and work with crystals. No previous experience necessary. 10-4pm. We bring something to share for lunch. (usually vegetarian). Saturday 28th April in Broadstairs. Please phone me to book your place. £25 per person. Deposit £10 please on booking. 07482721191

Sunday 29th April

Advanced crystal workshop. This day is for people who already have a knowledge of crystal. You will experience a crystal grid, channel with crystals and do crystal mandala's amongst other things. 

£10 deposit per person. £25 total cost for the day. Please bring something to share for lunch, usually vegetarian. Please phone me to book your place. 07482 721191 

Healing the Ancestral Line  Sunday 13th May 10-4pm 

My belief and that of others is that many of our experiences are brought through from the family line. This can be the way we think, illness, good luck, bad luck and so on. I am running this workshop in Broadstairs.  It will be a challenging day at the way you view your challenges in life and ancestral line.  No prior knowledge necessary. Please bring as much information as you have about your ancestors and any photographs or small trinkets that were theirs. This also applies to family still on the earth plain and future generations. 

Places are limited so please book early with a £10 non-refundable deposit (this is always returned or put to another workshop, if I can fill the space at short notice).

Crystal Workshop. 

Come along and learn to cleanse, programme and work with crystals. No previous experience necessary. 10-4pm. We bring something to share for lunch. (usually vegetarian). Saturday 26th May in Broadstairs. Please phone me to book your place. £25 per person. Deposit £10 please on booking. 

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A fantastic opportunity for a Well Being Workshop held in Broadstairs at the Copper Fields B & B. There is a full itinerary including a special yoga programme and meditation, also available is Reiki. I will be running a 2 hour crystal workshop on the Saturday. Please contact 

Tel: 01843 601247
Mob: 07894340121
[email protected]  to book your place. Places are limited so hurry for this brilliant weekend! 

A chance for some intense spiritual learning and understanding 

I know how exciting, confusing and sometimes scary it is to learn about spirituality, so many unanswered questions. I was so lucky to have great mentors through my early days of spirituality and amazing guides since. Therefore I offer the chance for a full day 10-4 to come along, ask the questions you have. Find out where your gifts are stronger, learn about healing, linking to spirit, crystals and more. The day will flow with where spirit and your questions take us. It will be a full interesting day.

Included are handouts about energetic protection, linking, the aura, chakra's and a form of meditation/relaxation. I will also give on going support for 3 months after the day. The cost of the day will include a light vegetarian lunch and refreshments. This will be a 1:1 full session, unless you choose to attend with a friend. The cost per person is £250.00 Please phone to book as the day will be booked to suit you. 

Learning to Link and Progress Spiritually

Ever wanted to learn to link to spirit and your higher self but you are self conscious or a little fearful? I am running a new 3 hour session 1:1 for people like yourself to teach them to develop and control their energy. If you have someone who would like to attend this with you, I am happy then to take 2 people. But both must be at a similar level. Please call me to book as these will be private sessions at an agreed time. Support will be given after. £99 per person for 3 hours. This is also  suitable for people wanting to progress further.

The Awareness of Stillness and Calm. This is a day where you will learn to relax through the breath and retain awareness of the body and mind to release the stress of everyday living, learning techniques to continue to do this at home. Some meditative techniques are included. I will be available after the day for support and further guidance on this as required. Please phone me for further details. 

Come and learn it with me, in a loving, calm, small and positive workshop.

I will only take 4 people maximum on these days so please phone me for more details and to book your place. 07482 721191  I am also happy to run this workshop on any other agreed date, by prior arrangement. 

Crystal Skulls

14th April 10-4pm, £25 A day meditating and connecting to the crystal skulls. Previous knowledge of the skulls essential.. Please call Caroline to book a space and pay a non refundable deposit of £10. 

Angel Workshop

This is a day for working with the Angels. You do not need any prior knowledge as it will be taught/ explained on the day. You will sense the energies of the Angelic realm. We will use crystals, meditation, music and more. Saturday 10th March 10-4pm. We bring something for a shared vegetarian lunch. Please contact me to book. Only 1 space available now. 

£25 per person. Non refundable deposit of £10 please. 

Crystal skulls with Spiritual Development. 

If you nave never worked with the skulls before this day will be fun for you and informative. We will be looking at ways to develop spiritually too. Please see the calendar for more information and the store to book. £25 10-4pm .

Energetically clearing your space and learning more about yourself. Please see the calendar for  more details. 

This is the last workshop before Christmas.Saturday 2nd December. 

We will use, sage, smudge feathers, essences, crystals and more. All those will be provided to use on the day. You will have the chance to order any essences on the day. 

10-4pm £25. Please book through the store or call me to attend. 

A spiritual day. 

Please see the calendar for a fuller explanation for this 30th September 10-4pm. Plus to book please go to the store. 

 Angel workshop to rerun later in the year. Please enquire for spaces

This is a lovely day where we learn about the Angels and what our Guardian Angel does for us.  We spend time sharing experiences of Angels and use crystals and meditation to access the Angelic Realms.  You will meditate to meet your Guardian Angel, at least a presence of them and usually those who attend access who it is working with them.  It is also possible on this day to access your guides.  Please book through the store.