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From a child I have had many experiences and encounters with Angels. Or beings of light as I like to call them, the shining ones. The love that emanates from these beings is so beautiful and loving.
I trained as a Shefa card reader through Soul School, a lovely way to connect further with these divine beings. The messages received have enabled me to progress at some of the hardest points in my life.
Archangels are the  heirachy of Angels although in truth I do not feel they have heirachy in the same sense as humans percieve it. The Archangels are strong energies - I do not see them the way they are painted but see, sense and feel the energy. The Archangel Hanael has always come to me as a strong leader and to bring my focus back to what I should be doing. I used to cringe almost when he was around (yes, I sense them as male/female) as I knew he meant business, pushing me out of my comfort zone. Other Archangels have helped me greatly over the years, Archangel Metatron is a massive energy that has stepped in to support in many of my intense energy clearings.
Guardian Angels however are the ones who are always with us, I believe through our life in the physical and beyond. Mine is such a gentle loving being called Rachel. Her clothes are simple, her wings fragile - not maybe what people would expect a guardian angel to look like. I do see her as an angel not an energy, maybe that is my own consiousness but I love her energy.
If you would like to learn more about the Angels/Archangels or have a Shefa reading please contact me.
Angel Blessings