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 TFTDx© , Negative energy clearance, Healing, Colour Therapy 
 Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic,
 Crystal Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation & Stress Relief    
 Painting by artist Annie Weston please contact for details


Sat. 2/28 3:00 PM Ancestral Healing


Sat. 3/21 2:00 PM Crystal Workshop

;)Sensing the vibrations of crystals, some ways to programme them, cleanse and more.    A workshop suitable for people new to crystals. and those with prior knowledge who would like to learn more

Sat. 4/4 3:00 PM Advanced Crystals

This is for people who already know about crystals or have attended previous workshops. It will also include working with crystal skulls

Sat. 4/11 3:00 PM Ancestral Healing This is a workshop where we deal with our ancestors and the effect they have on our lives. Using crystals, coloured silks, and more we clear some or all the blocks from the past. Karma may also be something we chose to inherit through the family line... more
Sat. 4/25 3:00 PM New Healing Course with Angel energies This is a new course for all those wishing to become healers. It is a certified and Insured course with Abigails Angels. It uses a form of spiritual healing and healing with angelic energies. You do not need prior knowledge. Please phone me to arrang... more
Sat. 5/2 3:00 PM Crystal Skulls Working with the crystal skull energy. Gizmo one of my skulls has been with Synergy an ancient crystal skull, now is the time to do more work with the skulls. It will be a day of channelling, meditating and trying psychic art with them. The energy ... more
Sat. 5/23 3:00 PM Numerology What do numbers mean? Why do we regularly see the same number? What does our name mean in numerology? This workshop looks at numbers and how they affect us and what some of them mean. You don't have to be good at maths. This workshop will be fun ... more
Sat. 5/30 3:00 PM Angels and Archangels A day of channelling information and learning about the higher realms. It will be a chance to meet your guardian angel and other angels that are available to help you now. Expect to feel relaxed and energised at the same time in this workshop Rai... more
Sat. 6/6 3:00 PM Fairy Workshop

This workshop explores the myths and realities of fairies.

A meditation to meet  the fairy realms. Crystals to link to them. It will be a fun day and will also explore the other nature beings.

Sat. 6/13 3:00 PM Part 2 Healing Course

This is the second part of Abigails Angels certified healing course. It is for those who have already attended part one, or for any who would be prepared to catch up. Not more than one session can be missed due to the nature of the course.

Sat. 6/20 3:00 PM Clear Your Blocks This day is for clearing away many of the blocks we have. We will be using a variety of esoteric tools, such as crystals, coloured silks, singing bowl. Please bring a family tree with you and be prepared to share your life experiences (as much as you... more
Sat. 7/25 3:00 PM Crystal Skull Workshop This is a workshop with the crystal skull energy. If you are a crystal skull caretaker or would like to come and work with them this day is for you. We will be chanelling from the crystal skulls, healing with them, doing psychic art and more. It will... more
Sat. 8/29 3:00 PM Crystal Workshop

Come along and enjoy this day. We will be attuning to crystals and how they work. All the crystals you have bought and wondered how to use, now is your chance.

An enjoyable day, you will learn how cleanse, energise and use crystals.



Sat. 9/19 3:00 PM Fairies and Nature Spirits

A different day looking at the fairy realms and nature spirits. Keep an open mind and come along and enjoy the day with a difference. 

Sat. 10/3 3:00 PM Healing course part 3

Third part of the Abigails Angels healing course, this part if for those who have already completed parts 1 and 2.

Mon. 10/12 All day Workshops for W.I
Wed. 10/14 All day Workshops W.I
Fri. 10/16 All day Workshop W.I
Sat. 10/17 All day Workshop W.I
Sun. 10/18 All day Workshop W.I
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