Abigails Angels

 TFTDx© , Negative energy clearance, Healing, Colour Therapy 
 Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic,
 Crystal Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation & Stress Relief    
 Painting by artist Annie Weston please contact for details

Spirit Release from


This is only by prior agreement with Caroline. 

The work will be done remotely, unless agreed otherwise and a mini report will be emailed to you.

Like all things this cannot be guaranteed work, I then have the right to terminate any further correspondence with you - once I have completed the original work (contract with you). 

Please note it may take more than one session for clearing to be affective. Any secondary charge will be dependent on the time taken. We can discuss this prior to any work. 

I also include healing with spirit release, as the body takes physical symptoms associated with any attachment. 

The price is from £80 remotely. 

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