Abigails Angels

 TFTDx© , Negative energy clearance, Healing, Colour Therapy 
 Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic,
 Crystal Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation & Stress Relief    
 Painting by artist Annie Weston please contact for details

Colour/Crystal /Reiki/Spiritual therapies from


Enjoy being in a relaxing crystal grid. contact me for further details. Also available Colour Therapy. 

I trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and St Paul's healing.  Both are gentle techniques and although it cannot be claimed to 'heal,' allows the body to recognise 'dis-ease' within it and start the process of natural healing.

I also do Usui Reiki, this is possibly more widely recognised and within my healing modalities I use a combination of them all.  I 'listen' to what the body needs as not everyone is open or comfortable with everything.  Healing is a process that will only take place when the individual is ready for it.  It can be a journey as whatever brought us to the point of recogninsing we need healing has often been ongoing for many years.  Therefore healing is not always an instant fix.  The client does however experience a sense of well being.  I am happy to discuss this further with anyone who has an interest.

Price is if client comes to me. Additional charges will incur if I need to travel to you. 

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