Abigails Angels

 TFTDx© , Negative energy clearance, Healing, Colour Therapy 
 Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic,
Crystal Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation & Stress Relief    
 Painting by artist Annie Weston please contact for details

 The Art of Finding Stillness and Calm. This is a workshop in relaxation and daily awareness.

Listed here are just some of the benefits to be gained through the practice of 
The “Art of finding stillness and calm” technique:
Helps prevent heart attacks and strokes

Emotional and physical relaxation

Overcoming insomnia

                                         Balance of the cardiovascular system

                                     A sense of being in control

                                      Clarity of mind in all daily activities

                                      Slowing down of the ageing process

                              A feeling of wellbeing

                             Overcoming phobias

                             Improved concentration

 The tightness of breath and our daily anxieties create havoc with our body and mind. With this practice we are able to stop the stress and relax. To find stillness and calm in this manic, busy world we live in is essential. 

This is taught as a workshop of no more than 4 students and also as 1:1 sessions for those with specific issues or who prefer to have single tuition. 

I trained to practice and teach this course through Ven. Lama Ngedon Drime although this course does not have any religious practice with it. 

What the course entails will be sent upon application by telephone. 07482 721191 Caroline

Please call me to enquire