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 Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic,
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New for 2020 Colour Therapy

This is a wonderful way to rebalance your energy and is a wonderful energetic way to heal blocks, and energetically bring balance and harmony to you. 

I use coloured silks, a coloured light box and other colour therapy tools. The vibration of colour is so pure and energises the body and mind, whilst bringing relaxation. 

Price on application dependent on need. You will be advised when you visit if you will need more than one session.

Rebalancing the chakra's with crystals. This therapy is relaxing and will rebalance your chakra's and energy field. 


Call Caroline 07482721191 to book.

Crystal Grids

Experience a crystal grid. Crystals are chosen for you and while you sit or lay down are placed around you. Used for an aid to healing.

I start with a balancing grid and then personally choose a set of crystals unique to you. 

 Call Caroline to book. 

I work with a variety of crystals to bring balance and harmony to the energetic body.  The crystals work on the subtle energy field, clients at times describe the energy from the crystals as cool, hot or the experience as peaceful and deeply relaxing. 

I use crystal grids to relax clients, balance the chakra's and energy fields. I can integrate Reiki healing if appropriate and requested. 

I also make crystal essences. These are sprayed in the air to balance and harmonise energies in your home, workplace and around you. Personal essences are available and I am happy to select the appropriate crystals for your essence. Prices start at £9.95 


When you start to choose crystals and have an interest in them is the time to learn more about them or experience them in a crystal grid.  The energy is so amazing and so uplifting. To be in a crystal grid is a wonderful experience. I am a qualified crystal practitioner. I work with the meridian systems of the body to identify 'dis' ease within the body and release energetic blockages. Please call me to discuss more.