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Negative Energy & Spirit Rel


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Negative Energy and Spirit Release

When someone has passed over their energies at times become stuck in this world. Energies from past events become stuck and trapped as well.  Therefore people can become aware of these energies and may find that they have attached to them. These attachments may cause fatigue, changes in behaviour, illness (that cannot be diagnosed by proper medical ways).  There may be unusual noises in the house, car and or things may move. The atmosphere may become colder in some areas or just give an uneasy feeling.

I have worked for many years clearing energies from people and houses.  


At times the clearance can be done in one session, however the energy (auric field) of the person may need further energy healing. I will explain this more during an initial consultation.

I can do this work remotely, by Skype, Face Time, or in person. 

Costs from £80 per person. Buildings, houses from £100, it depends on the length of time I may need to attend or do the work remotely.