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A Little Bit of What Clients Say....

I have been in my new job 4 weeks and have sailed through all the training just as you said I would and I have met a lady with blonde hair and blue eyes as you said I would she is my ..........I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last 4 weeks............thank you

I have just updated some new comments, as always I ask permission. Some names are changed at the request of clients and that I believe is a necessity at times. I also cut parts that clients do not want included. 

 Thanks Caroline, you were right about two men in my life.  I am feeling better and focussing on me now 


Hi Caroline

Thank you for the mini reading, sounded bang on, the deceased is probably my father, whom I love and miss very much 
Hope I can figure out what is missing (in my business)
Thank you I always felt my husband loves me, and wouldn't step out on our marriage I feel better

 Dear Caroline, 

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the healing work you and your guides have done, I am so very grateful!  


Our home now feels so different, although I don't think I will ever like living there, I feel comfortable now and it is a lot warmer and nicer


 Hi Caroline

 Many thanks for this, you asked for feedback.  Yes I have lost confidence and have low self esteem as I had a baby 4 months ago and at some point I have to make the decision whether to go back to work or not. So feeling confused and not sure what to do.




"Do you remember   that you said his Gran told you about a family cabinet we had and that there were papers causing a sliding panel to stick.  Well we looked and prodded but last weekend ... took the whole top off the cabinet and yes, tucked out of sight were letters and a postcard from his Gran to various members of the family, including one to his Mum congratulating her on the day ... was born in 1947!!!  Wow.     So thank you so much for this."

"thank you, the reading has helped me and I feel better. I can now understand things better."

Dear Caz,Many thanks for a brilliant day on Saturday, enjoyed it very much.Today I feel very different ? absolutely great, extremely happy about everything, and without a care in the world.Went to my mothers and found myself laughing and joking about everything ? haven?t done that for years.Determined to make it last


"The reading was very accurate, you knew things other people didn't know about me! thank you"

 "The workshop was great, I know more how to use crystals than before. I am interested in finding out even more".

Spirit Release

You may use this to publish for the help you have given me...

I am feeling much better now and feel in control.  I realise that I need to keep up my protection but my energy levels are much better.  I know that I will be ok now.


I feel so much lighter now as though something has gone. My thoughts are now my own.


Thankyou for bothering to take a look and help you gave.

It has helped

I feel much lighter and as though I can move on now, thank you